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Chris Carter, Vertex Solution’s Operational Lead was recently quoted in an article titled “1st SFAB Soldiers enact advising mission in training environment” that appeared on the U.S. Army Website: (Wiehe, N. (2017, October 25). 1st SFAB Soldiers enact advising mission in training environment. Retrieved November 02, 2017, from


The article discussed the participation of soldiers with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) in an event during military operations on urban terrain at Fort Benning, Georgia. The event simulated a situation where a village was attacked by the enemy and the soldiers had to devise the best way for the simulated locals and the Afghan National Army to take back their compound. In the article, Carter noted that the event was developed specifically for the SFAB to train the 1st SFAB Soldiers in support of future missions.

Vertex Solutions manages the planning, preparation and execution of these immersive scenarios in support of the 316th Cavalry Brigade. Vertex ensures that each live simulator is well rehearsed on the required cultural aspects associated with the training event in order to provide the requisite immersive environment that places US Army Leaders in stress filled situations where every action can create positive or negative results. It is a challenging training and learning environment that requires detailed planning and rehearsals in order to draw out the critical thinking aspects required for our SFAB leaders to accomplish their mission once deployed.

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