Vertex Solutions President, Dennis Wikoff, received a letter from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense expressing appreciation for the work done by Mark Heimburger and Dean Hixson on the Uniformed Services’ Blended Retirement System Project.  Mr. Heimburger and Mr. Hixson were recognized for being “instrumental in shaping the formal training and building a strategic communications campaign that will benefit millions of Uniformed Service members”, and helping the Department of Defense overcome “a monumental challenge to prepare and train 1.6 million Uniformed Service members in time for the introduction of the new system by January 1, 2018”.

Vertex Solutions designed the three formal Blended Retirement System Training Courses, the goal of which is to increase the financial literacy of Uniformed Service members, while preparing them for the transition to a new retirement program.  These courses were the foundation of the multi-year effort to prepare the Force for such a monumental change.

Vertex Solutions also produced the videos to accompany the training courses, and scripted, designed, filed, edited, and produced 20 videos to enhance social media awareness of the new system.  This social media effort garnered over 6 million views and greatly expanded the awareness and preparation of the Force for the roll-out of the new retirement system.

We congratulate Mr. Heimburger and Mr. Hixon on their roles in the successful design and implementation of the new system.

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