November 26, 2018                                                                                      Contact: Dennis Wikoff




Vertex Solutions awarded Air Force SBIR AF-183-006 Contract by AFWERX

AFWERX has awarded Vertex Solutions, LLC a contract under Air Force SBIR topic AF183-006 to develop a common human machine interface (HMI) API for VR Training. Vertex will work with the Air Force Pilot Training Next Program, Air Force Special Operations Command, and other Air Force developers of VR training to develop a generalized API that will allow rapid – plug and play – integration of VR controllers, biometric devices, and other HMI devices, agnostic of VR training system code base.

The development of a generalized HMI API and eventual associated SDK will facilitate natural human interactions in a VR environment and will address the problems of:

  1. The precision required for interactions with small, densely configured input mechanisms on aircraft control panels and behind maintenance panels.
  2. Identifying user intent to enable a natural interaction with VR control panels and other VR objects.
  3. The complexity of integrating new and emerging HMI hardware into the VR training systems built upon disparate VR development tools and training system code bases. Solving this challenge will reduce the opportunity cost associated with integrating new devices with untested effectiveness and facilitate sharing HMI hardware found to be effective across Air Force programs.
  4. Leveraging the wealth of student performance and training effectiveness data that can be extrapolated from the HMI hardware.
  5. Aligning physical HMI devices, e.g. stick and throttle, with their representations in the VR so that a user grasping a device with a hand rendered in VR correlates with grasping the physical device.

This SBIR program aligns with Vertex Solutions’ strategic initiatives in VR research and development, including our training performance data analytics and intelligent tutoring system, and VR haptic feedback glove solution. Vertex Solutions is a leader in VR training research and development, recently delivering AC-130 VR trainers to AFSOC complete with 16 copilot checklists and full cockpit familiarization training.

About Vertex Solutions

Known for exceptional customer service and superior performance, Vertex Solutions is an industry leader in human capital training solutions and consulting services. Vertex has partnered with federal organizations over the past 20 years to solve their most pressing training challenges with end-to-end custom solutions that improve performance.

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