November 11, 2019

Dennis Wikoff, President


Vertex Takes to the Skies with A-10C Warthog VR Contract

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Nov. 11, 2019 –  The Vertex Solutions, LLC team of e-learning professionals will work with the US Air Force and 355th Training Squadron (355 TRS) to deliver an A-10C Warthog virtual reality simulator. This latest installment will administer fundamental training procedures while displaying the A-10C’s unique flight characteristics and weapons capabilities.

This new high-fidelity software suite for the A-10C Warthog will enable the USAF and 355 TRS to improve overall training effectiveness, reduce training costs and programmed flight training backlog, and maximize the wing’s flying hour program by helping to focus real weapon system flight hours through a medium that maximizes ground-based training efforts. The A-10C VR flight simulator builds on Vertex Solutions’ ecosystem of virtual and mixed reality trainers and will be interoperable with the AC-130 simulator Vertex delivered to Air Force Special Operations Command. Additionally, the system will benefit from natural human interaction technologies Vertex developed for the Air Education and Training Command’s Pilot Next Training (AETC/PTN) program.

The A-10C simulation suite will leverage our corporate partnerships while incorporating Vertex innovations. In particular, this project will use Bohemia Interactive’s new Virtual Battlespace Blue IG to generate a cutting-edge serious gaming GUI, and SASimulations’ FLEX-air for flight dynamics modeling and real-world avionics, systems, and weapons emulation. The Vertex-developed intelligent tutoring system (VertexITS) will collect performance measures from the exercise, store and provide instructor access to performance data, provide hints and feedback to students, and optimize students’ paths to expertise using a scaffolded proficiency model that adjusts assistance based on performance until students can complete training tasks with minimal to no assistance.

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